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Capital 2050 investment selection and activities are as follows:


Capital 2050 investments criteria:

  • Low or neutral CO2 emissions

  • Secured cashflow

  • Assets’ control

  • Good risks mitigation profile

  • Attractive return

Wind Turbines on Water_edited.jpg

Capital 2050 role:

  • Undertake projects due diligence, including assessment of structure and risk mitigation strategies

  • Determine economic and sustainability KPIs

  • Structure financial requirement Raise

  • Raise required funding in the form of equity and debts equity from its investors and lenders network

  • Coordinate with project managers about/around the development and implementation of the investments

  • Follow up the investment through its lifespan

  • Report to investors financial, ESG and impact KPIs

  • Support divestment strategy and its implementation

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