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Who we are

Capital 2050 SA is specialized in low carbon investments in the energy and logistic sectors     .


Its role are to identify, assess and structure investments’ opportunities in impact, carbon neutral and low emissions assets. Capital 2050 is always keeping an active role during the entire life of such projects.


Its management team is composed of highly experienced professionals with extensive proven track records in investment, financing, energy & logistic management, impact investment and carbon credit markets.


Its clients are qualified and accredited investors such as investment funds, pension funds, institutional investors, family offices, banks, and other well-capitalized equity and debt providers investing in ESG and Impact driven assets


​Its investments are aligned with the UN SDG improvements and GHG emissions’ reduction targets and objectives which CO2 emissions and reductions are continuously monitored.

Sustainable investments

Capital 2050 pursues investment opportunities in the logistic field such as developing an Impact and ESG trade finance fund, monitoring and compensating emissions to support shipping emission reductions and development of new fuel efficiency solutions.

Capital 2050, is a co-founder of MegaWatt 2050 (www.mw2050.com), a management company specialized in sourcing and managing renewable investments projects in the African continent. It develops investment opportunities in renewable energy projects in various African countries

Development of sustainable agriculture projects using new technologies and digital solutions to improve productivity and carbon footprint while reducing water needs.


CO2 emissions compensation

Assisting clients in calculating their CO2 emissions as well as in and implementing their compensation strategy by using voluntary CO2 offsets privileging the development of technologies improving the emissions of the related industries


​Its extensive network of relationships within the carbon industry allows access to the most appropriate CO2 offsets.


Capital 2050 provides monthly ESG & Impact KPIs to its investors, which include full transparency and traceability of its carbon credit compensation strategy as well as compensation through its dedicated blockchain.


Registration & membership

Capital 2050 is an Institutional Partner of the SFG - Sustainable Finance Geneva

Capital 2050’s management is registered in the Swiss advisors register of the ARIF - Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers


Capital 2050 SA registration number is CHE-373.945.866

Boulevard Helvétique 31, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland